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Watching “The Misandrists” it didn’t take 91 minutes to let me know this has to be the worst movie of the years or the decade but after all the time watching it now holds the title of one of the worst movies if not the worst! It is not so bad that it is funny nor will it become a ‘cult’ film even though it is about a cult!

It has some of the most atrocious acting ever seen in a movie and let’s not get into the lessons it tries to teach the audience, on a blackboard yet, or the awful male on male sex scenes they show in porn films. Did I mention the tired lines the women have to speak in various accents in various, awful costumes? Oh, by the way, let’s not skip the showing of the mutilation, the cutting off of a man’s penis! Aside from the last scene, there are only 2 men in the movie as it is basically about Lesbians banding together to get rid of men and that mutilation is one way of doing it.

The film has lesbians, transgender, gender fluid, pansexuals all being angry, confrontational and secrets. There is a side story about making a lesbian porno film to spread their message more as an excuse to show women having sex than to give examples of why women are so much better off without men.


This is a quote from the press release: “When an injured male leftist on the run discovers the remote stronghold of the Female Liberation Army — a radical feminist terrorist group whose mission is to usher in a female world order — one of the members takes pity on him and hides him in the basement. However, the man in the basement is just one of many secrets threatening to disrupt the FLA’s mission from within.” If only it was this interesting!!

“The Misandrists” is a film to see only if you are a masochist who likes really bad movies or doesn’t want to miss one of the worst films of the past 100 years!

Movie trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXuoTe8ma1s

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2 responses to ““The Misandrists”–movie review

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  1. Okay, I admit it… I don’t know what a pansexual is. But from the sounds of this movie, I’m not watching it to find out!

  2. So have you found me over here yet?

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