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New foods 2 June 7 2018 (2)


I will eat, taste, try any food at least once and I was intrigued by Healthy Choice’s advertising for this new line of items. Eating the plant based fiber bowl after eating the contents I thought was something unique. (See the lower right hand corner.) Well, folks, it still is as you don’t eat the bowl. At least you wouldn’t want to even if it was edible because do you really like cardboard because that is what it tastes like! Hey read the first 6 words of this paragraph! LOL

In any case what was in the bowl wasn’t any better as it was very dry and tasteless, including the sausage, and it may have been ‘Cuban-inspired’ but I don’t think any Cuban would say they made this without adding a sauce!

Guess this is one selection of foods I won’t be buying again.

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