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“Boundaries” is one of those movies that have a super cast with each individually enjoyable to watch and when they have interaction your eyes and ears will be glued to the screen. It is also a movie that has an equal amount of good and boring moments.

It is a road trip with Grandfather Jack (Christopher Plummer), his adult divorced daughter Laura (Vera Farmiga) and his grandson Henry (Lewis MacDougall) going to see his other daughter Jojo (Kristen Schaal). Both daughters are emotional wrecks because of their upbringing while the grandson is being expelled from school for drawing nude pictures of his teachers with the males all having extremely small penis’s. Oh yes, Grandfather Jack is being thrown out of the old folks home where he has been living and, unknown to them, growing marijuana and wants to sell. Oh yes Laura hasn’t met a stray dog that she didn’t love and take in whether at home or while driving in a car.

From all this a road trip takes place so the grandfather can make stops, sell the post and give money to Laura to send Henry to an expensive private school and in return be able to live with Laura in her big enough house while his other daughter lives in a studio apartment.

We meet Jack’s friends, hippie art forger Christopher Lloyd, wealthy friend Peter Fonda (looking good!) plus Leonard, (Bobby Cannavale) Henry’s father who left him and his mother years ago.

It takes an hour and 44 minutes to get everyone’s problems straightened out and have a ‘Hollywood’ ending.

Plummer is a joy to watch, more so then when he was young and I have yet to see Farmiga give a bad performance. Lewis MacDougal’s Henry seems natural though he certainly isn’t a ‘normal’ kid.

“Boundaries” is a good enough picture to watch in an air-conditioned theatre when it is 92 degrees out with high humidity.

Movie trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0g-qrvnuRY

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