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Walking into a “Mission Impossible” movie you know exactly what to expect and in the 6th go round called “Mission: Impossible—Fallout” you get more action, more chases on foot, motorcycles, cars, trucks and even helicopters plus fights of all kinds if not two too many not to forget all the stunts that Tom Cruise does whether by himself, with body doubles or special effects.

In addition this chapter has a few laughs, a few tender moments, spectacular mountain scenery not to forget a rarity in a Tom Cruise movie let alone a Mission Impossible movie which is very homoerotic encounter in the bathroom of the Paris Grand Palais.

Tom Cruise gives a more than accomplished performance which has many of the men in the audience shaking their heads at what this 55 year old movie star can do action wise and making it look so easily.

He is aided by returning Mission Impossible characters played by  Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris with Angela Bassett, Vanessa Kirby and Henry Cavil added.

“Mission:Impossible—Fallout” is Tom Cruise’s movie and he shows that a 56 year old man can be a hunk, a hero, have a little boy’s smile and make all his action scenes believable as is his  belief that the world is a good place.

PS It is only 1 of two ‘action’ movies that I see a year! :O)

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  1. I say I’m never going to watch them…and then I do. It’s like James Bond, you just have to!

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