J Mark’s–A Restaurant review   Leave a comment

I’ve never been to the J Mark’s in Pompano but since we were at the Muvico theatre across the way and I had a coupon for a 10 ounce NY Strip steak for $12.99 we decided to give it a shot.

To start off this restaurant is more impressive than the one in Fort Lauderdale as the layout seems more informal and brighter.

In any case from the beginning our server Dyante was a winner, not only with his service but his attitude, small talk and concern with how we were doing.
We ordered the steak, which is normally double the price, and it came as ordered with Allen’s being medium and mine medium rare. He had broccoli with his and I had the French fries. We were served warm, soft good tasting rolls with soft butter. Allen had his diet cola ($3.50) and I had coffee ($3.25) so our check, with tax, came to $34.69.
Basing on what the check would have been without the coupon, and for his service, we left a $10 cash tip. (As a professional waiter for 38 years I prefer leaving a cash tip instead of putting it on the credit card slip.)

Though I have only been to the J Mark’s in Fort Lauderdale 2-3 times since their opening day I really can’t say why I haven’t been there more but I would definitely go to their restaurant in Pompano a lot more!


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