Did you do a good deed today?   5 comments

AS much an egotist/narcissist I may be (well compared to Trump I am an amateur!) I very seldom talk about something I have been doing for years–at least 1 good deed a day.

It can range from saying hello to someone I don’t know, taking a homeless person in for a meal, sending a couple an happy anniversary card or another person a birthday card,

I might buy a friend a lunch or dinner for favors they have done me or send a gift for no reason except I am thinking of them or share something I have cooked or offer to get them something they need when I go to a store. I’ll compliment someone on how they look or what they are wearing or the cute pet they have with them.

The list can go on as there are hundreds of things as you go about your day that will make someone’s day better just by doing a good deed which can range from a smile, a thank you to donating money to a personal cause where a person needs help for whatever reason.

Today I watched a man working for about 2 hours just outside my window. He picked up every branch, leaf, twig, bird poop, bottle caps, etc., on top of the metal roof over our mailboxes. It was a hot, humid Fort Lauderdale summer day and I didn’t see him stop for a minute. Every time I looked out my window he was climbing a ladder, using a brush or his hands, fingers, removing debris, constantly taking the stuff to the dumpster.

I did nothing more than bring him a can of sparkling water. His smile and thank you will be with me for a few days!
How often do you do a good deed? (Not family related!)



good deed


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5 responses to “Did you do a good deed today?

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  1. As a Five Star Saint, my Good Deed every day is my simply being here. I am literally God’s Gift To The World. I don’t say that very often because it almost sounds like bragging.

  2. I try. We’ll often anonymously buy breakfast for someone, and recently purchased an elderly woman’s groceries when she didn’t have enough money to pay. Saying hello and thank you with a smile doesn’t take much effort. Shame more people can’t manage it!

  3. I do that kind of stuff several times a week. It just makes me feel good.

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