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There is a 5-6 minute scene in “Blindspotting” where the camera concentrates on Collin (Daveed Diggs) occasionally panning on his friend Miles (Rafael Casal) and a police office (Ethan Embry) that earlier in the movie Collin saw the latter shoot an unarmed black man. It is one of the most mesmerizing scenes that I have ever seen an actor (Diggs) give on screen.

“Blindspotting” in many ways–not good—is like “Sorry To Bother You” which I saw last week, in the sense that the screenplay is all over the place as is the direction but where Sorry is being sold as a comedy/satire Blindspotting is definitely drama. Both are rated R for violence, drugs and language and both deal with the intermixing of the white and black world but Blindspotting deals on a personal level between Collin and Miles being friends since they were kids and Collin being sent to prison for a felony committed by Miles and we meet Collin.

They are many different layers to this film with the obvious one being Collin is black and Miles white and their friendship and what it means. It is obvious the two actors have been friends since they were kids and their rapport is instantly established.

Though the scene I talked about is a ‘don’t miss’ piece of film I really can’t recommend it as what starts out as a thing between the two friends, their talking in rap, eventually becomes annoying and makes a lot of ‘dialogue’ indecipherable.

Daveed Diggs who made a name for himself winning a Tony in “Hamilton” on Broadway should certainly gain recognition for “Blindspotting”.

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