I can sleep again!!   2 comments

bedroom dark 3 PM



I can sleep through anything and have: a tornado in Memphis, an earthquake in Santa Monica: a few hurricanes in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Only 2 things can keep me awake or wake me up and that is 1) light and/or 2) heat–even during winter. I have to have the air conditioner on low but it is light that is my sleep enemy!


Since March 28th when they put new hurricane windows in my apartment, especially the bedroom, I would wake up at the crack of dawn light no matter what time I went to sleep.


Finally last week they put up the blinds.


This week I taped up my old blackout drapes under the new wine colored blackout drapes I got! The 2 pictures attached were taken after I got the double drapes up–the first is with a night light and the last, if you look you will see a red glow from the outlet, is completely dark at 3 PM in the afternoon!!


I can sleep again!!!



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2 responses to “I can sleep again!!

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  1. You’re just like Fred, he can’t stand light either. For me? It’s noise… I need peace and quiet and usually wear earplugs.

  2. I like blackout curtains, too.

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