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I knew just from looking that a major problem would be the portion sizes. The chicken before cooking was 3/4s of a pound and divided into 2 it might be what is recommended as a protein portion but I prefer more protein. I, also, prefer more vegetables than provided.
The positives are that the ingredients are fresh, I got to taste and enjoy Persian cucumbers for the first time. I did eliminate the  Mayonnaise and the Baguette. In their place I added a ‘baked’ potato and 1 pat of butter.
The main change was that instead of cooking it in the stove (mine, with the oven, is ‘closed’) I put it all in a crock pot. After dividing the whole thing, adding the potato (also done in the crock pot), the salad and the package of defrosted fresh frozen fruit I had a decent dinner.
The chicken dish was tasty but I think with the next chicken dish, which I will save for Saturday—Miso Chicken Ramen–I will treat it as all one portion as I will the Seared Steak and Cheesy Sweet Potato on Wednesday. To tomorrow’s portion of Chicken Panzanella I may add rice or pasta.
Will tell you about the steak on Wednesday which I will grill instead of cooking in a pan.


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  1. If there were pictures here, I can’t see them. But yes… portion sizes are always ridiculously small with these things.

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