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I wrote the following in a discussion about Padrino’s, a Cuban restaurant, as we were talking about other restaurants back in February:

“Today I went to one of my favorite restaurants–Cabo Blanco on NE 62nd street (had been to the Regal Cinema)–I loved that place when it was on Oakland Park–GREAT lunch specials–I had all 29 and each was excellent.” (No, not all at one time!! LOL)

Once again we were up at the Regal Cinema and we decided to have a late lunch at Cabo Blanco’s and as always we weren’t disappointed.

We both had the Peruvian version of Shrimp on Linguine which is made in a dark sauce and has fresh onions and tomatoes added to it.  I doubt if you will find another restaurant serving as many shrimp in a dish like this, especially at lunch for $9.99. They also include a cup of freshly made chicken soup–watch the bones! and bread with 3 different sauces.

If you aren’t familiar with Peruvian food this is an excellent place to taste the best at reasonable prices from their lunch specials (every day with 29 of them–the shrimp is #28!) to their regular menu lunch and dinner. (They also are on groupon !)

With my 21st Leap Year birthday coming up in 2020 this is definitely one of the restaurants in the running where I will celebrate with THE special dinner! :O)

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  1. I love Cuban food.. although it’s a little hard to find up here.

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