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On Saturday I got my second shipment of food consisting of 3 different complete recipes:

1) Sesame-Orange Beef & Wonton Noodles 2) Tuscan-Spiced Pork Roast 3) Seared Chicken & Tangy BBQ Sauce

All ingredients from protein to vegetables to condiments and spices are included plus precise cooking instructions.

Regarding I improvised first by cooking all the individual vegetables on Sunday, separated them, added the correct spices and condiments so all I had to do was add the protein.

I am going to wait until I am all finished with the Blue Apron orders and then going on to HelloFresh orders and will, eventually, write one post with my negative and positive opinions.

By the way both do offer several different ‘diet’ meals.

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2 responses to “Blue Apron–2nd week

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  1. All 3 of those sound good. Do you have any control over what they send…. or do they choose?

  2. I did “Hello Fresh” for a few months and REALLY liked it except for the ones that had some type of lettuce in it. That was always bad by the time I got it. Otherwise I really LIKED Hello Fresh…

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