I love being old but…   1 comment

Inline imageMed closet Aug 10 2018

My medicine ‘cabinet’–the morning drugs on the bottom, evening on top!

I really do love being old and I could give you a list of reasons such as a major one of not worrying about things anymore because it took you so long to realize it was a waste of time!

In any case I see my primary doctor 4 times a year for blood work to check up on my cholesterol, sugar level, blood pressure, Afib, COPD, PAD among other things that he reminds me, always with a smile, that I am paying for the wild years of my youth.

True I smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day for 60 years (until July 2008 when I had my last cigarette before my aorta valve replacement operation) and I had an alcoholic problem from my late teens until January 1981 when I had my last drink. I could go on but we ended every meeting with my asking him if I could eliminate any meds I was taking and he would answer with a definite, “No!”

Oh well it is a small price to pay for being able to say I didn’t miss a thing in my youth and I say it each time I take one of these 16 pills, inhales or creams. Plus it is the meds that make people say that I don’t look or act 82!



Advair 250/50 One in morning and one in evening

Breo ellipta 100/25  MCG INH  once a day

Warfarin 5mg 5 days a week–7.5mg 2 days a week–in morning latter usually Tuesday & Thursday

Atorvastatin 80mg 1 in evening

Lisinopril 5mg in evening

Allopurinol 100 mg  One in morning

Finasteride 5mg One in morning

Metformin 500mg one in morning and one in evening

Betamethasone 0.05 Once a day in morning (head & ears)

Atenolol 12.5mg One in evening

Furosemide 20mg tab  2 a day

Potassium CL ER 10 MEQ Tablet  two per day—one in AM and one in PM


   Lorazepam 1mg tab

   MethyIPREDNISolone 4 mg tablet OR  Colchicine 0.6 mg for gout attack

    Aleve or Aleve PM or CVS Pain Relief PM


Vitamins: D3 1000IU and a multi vitamin pill


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One response to “I love being old but…

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  1. Yikes, that’s a lot of pills! How in the world do you keep them all straight? I’d be afraid to take the wrong one at the wrong time….

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