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When I started working for Weight Watchers in 1967 I began to learn a lot about nutrition and how foods/liquids can affect your body and weight while also discovering how little is known about how foods/liquids affect your body.

For many years I drank coffee and then I was told coffee wasn’t good for you so looking into it I decided to drink decaffeinated coffee. Shortly after a report came out that regular coffee was good for you so I decided to alternate between regular and decaf.

Also, since 1967, I started to drink diet cola, lots of it, until I found a supermarket brand that didn’t have any caffeine in it which was back in 1979. For the next 39 years I alternated between regular coffee, decafe coffee, diet colas without caffeine except in restaurants as most served regular diet cola with it and, occasionally, tap water plus, even rarer, bottled water which I drank after hurricane season was over.

Little by little more and more reports were coming out that diet colas could make you gain weight and all I can think of is that I have been drinking diet colas for over 51 years including when I was on WW and lost 100+ pounds. It took a while and a couple of months ago I decided to give up drinking diet sodas.

For some reason, though I have never been a tea drinker I did know/read/hear all the benefits of different teas, I decided to add various kinds to my daily intake of fluids plus I started buying bottled water and canned sparkling water.

It has been about 2 months that I stopped diet colas and I have lost 9 pounds since but I am not sure if that was the reason or, maybe, the teas like the ones with Probiotics or, maybe, the infection I got (don’t ask) or possibly the new home delivered fresh meals I was eating, though basically, I am still eating the same amount of food/calories over a week’s time.

Will I continue to lose weight? Will I continue to drink the teas and not drink diet sodas? Let’s talk next month!

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2 responses to “Anyone on a diet?

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  1. Diet soft drinks are the WORST thing you can drink. They contain so many artificial ingredients. Stop and think about that. Artificial. Are our bodies DESIGNED to break down and use ARTIFICIAL things? no. I gave up soda completely several years ago. I only drink water with lemon, coffee and iced tea now and again. Milk as a treat………………So I cannot even drink a soda anymore. It’s like shoveling sugar down my throat. blech.

  2. I can’t abide the taste of diet soda, which is good because they’re pure chemicals. I do admit to a real Coke now and then, but mostly it’s water with lemon or fresh brewed unsweetened tea. And I agree with Boo, natural is the way to go if you can. Yay on the 9lbs!

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