It is legal in the USA–have you had/tried it?   2 comments

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I don’t remember how I first heard about CBD gummie bears but after reading up on it I ordered a small jar in June which contained 5 ‘bears’ for $16 which seemed a bit much but if it helped why not?

I gave one each to 3 people and only one said they had any effect as far as pain went.


As the Internet goes I was soon bombarded with CBD gummie bear orders and came across this:

One of the most powerful ingredients used in CBD Gummy Bears is called as “Cannabidiol”, as it lends a hand to shoppers by improving various health functions in their body. The cannabidiol plays an essential role in relieving inflammatory signs and symptoms from the body of customers.”

Previously I mentioned it to someone else and she started with the bears but found the oil works faster and better.

I did order another jar of gummie bears, each 250mg, and which has 25 for a sale price on $16.95 I am about half way through the jar and so far I don’t notice any changes.

Anyone have any experience with CBD gummies or drops. It is oil from the cannabis (Marijuana) plant without the ingredients that would make you high.


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2 responses to “It is legal in the USA–have you had/tried it?

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  1. well then what’s the point? LOL

  2. No I haven’t tried them, though I have a friend who makes and sells them. To me, it’s just a new gimmicky way of marketing to kids…. but cannabidiol does have pain relieving properties if processed correctly.

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