New things in September–so far!   2 comments

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1) Every September it seems my eyes get better–especially after the cataract surgery–so the lens in my glasses are constantly changing and I get to change the frames at the same time. Generally, I pick the same frame, sometimes thicker, sometimes thinner, sometimes a  shade of black/gray colors but on my face I feel they all look the same. :O)
2) I’ve posted a lot of John’s art  because I think the man is amazing (but don’t tell him I said that!) and is mainly known for the sets he makes for the world famous First Baptist Christmas show every year plus all the ‘work’ and favors he does for all the people here at Gateway. When he has a few minutes to spare, say between 4 PM and 4:12 PM, he will get pods from the trees or branches or whatever (and he finds a lot of whatever) and makes all kinds of carvings having two things in common which are beauty and uniqueness. They really make great gifts and I keep on pushing him to sell them at art fairs, museum shops, etc., especially with the holidays coming as they make great gifts and I told him I wouldn’t take a penny for any I could sell for him. LOL
3) The latest thing for a microwave is this pressure cooker. Great for making pasta, rice, stews, steamed vegetables, etc.
4A & 4B) Couldn’t get any closer and, of course, I forgot to push the zoom button! It is an area right near the AMC movie theatre where police practice with their motorcycles going around orange (ARGH!!! My mind went blank! You know those ‘thingies’!) thingies spaced in both tight and wide spaces. It is almost a show after the movie.
5) Do you know it is almost impossible to buy a men’s robe in a store except at Christmas? I know because I went to about a dozen stores from Macy’s to Target to mall stores and not a bathrobe in sight. I finally turned to the Internet and got this one–I couldn’t find a red one!!!
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2 responses to “New things in September–so far!

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  1. Are there pictures, because I can’t see them. But I know what you mean about bathrobes, you can usually find women’s but not men’s. Why is that? Do you only wear them at Christmas?

  2. for robes…
    I’d love to see what you got… photo

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