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Notes from my diary
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September 10 2017 Sunday  Hurricane Irma landed—electricity went off at Noon—it is 11:30 PM now—no a/c—don’t know if I will get any sleep—took a walk—winds still heavy—I have ‘floods’ in 3 places—2 panes were blown out of east window—water leaking in from air conditioning and defrosting fridge is leaving water all over kitchen floor—I think Irma is over—now we wait to get electricity back

September 11 2017  Monday  Hurricane Irma gone as is my roof—the only Gateway building to lose one (It would take 10 months to get it repaired!) A lot of trees down.

September 12 2017 Tuesday  Still no electricity—hot day—at 10:30 PM I called 911—thought I was having a heatstroke (long story)—medics came—no room at the hospital—they gave me a few ice packs!!

September 18 2017 Monday  Jackie’s car totaled— 8 th day without electricity—finally came back on at 6:30 PM

Looking over my notes for that week I see: John loaned me his fan—Mac gave me a table light—Shirley brought me 2 slices of pizza—Winn Dixie closed—movie theatres closed for a few days—window panes replaced the next day—temperatures were in the 86 and higher range the whole week.

Video I made of Hurricane Irma



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  1. Glad you made it through!

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