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Do you like a comedy/mystery or a mystery/comedy? How about a fashion show with Blake Lively wearing more sharp 3 piece suits than any man has ever worn in one movie? Why not a modern home that just yells “MONEY”?  Anything against a cute boy using the F word and getting laughs? How about a ‘better than you will ever be’ fashion designer? How about all these in one movie?

In “A Simple Favor” over volunteering single mother Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is thrilled to be befriended by successful, busy Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) and is more than willing to pick up her son after school which soon becomes a habit. It doesn’t take long for one day Emily does not show up to pick up her son and, after 4 days, Stephanie not only becomes a mother to Emily’s son and become concerned about Emily’s husband Sean (Henry Golding) but also decides to search for her friend.

“A Simple Favor” is not only about a murder, husbands, wives, friends, kids but also having fun watching a movie, being confused by what is happening, not being sure what happened and leaving the theatre with a smile on your face, not caring that you really didn’t understand all that went on and fifteen minutes later forgetting all about it.

Anna Kendrick, as Stephanie, who does a home vlog every day, has that goofy act down to the point that gets every laugh, even those not written in the script by Jessica Sharzer. Blake Lively as Emily has different looks in the movie aided by costume designer that keeps your eye on her and makes her believable whatever persona she chooses. Henry Golding, in this his second movie, shows he was no fluke in “Crazy Rich Asians” and looks better in jeans than any man has a right to!

Joshua Satine as Stephanie’s son and Ian Ho as Emily’s kid with the potty mouth are fun while Andrew Rannells as one of the parents at school aids and abets Anna Kendrick in the comedy department while Bashir Salahuddin as a detective, Rupert Friend, as that snobby fashion designer and Jean Smart in her second blink and you’ll miss her appearance all make this a comedy/mystery and mystery/comedy movie.

I recommend “A Simple Favor” if you want to have a laugh with Kendrick, watch Golding’s career rise, maybe have a martini served in a frozen glass and a lemon twist added with Lively or just a movie that asks you do nothing more than sit back, laugh and, maybe, figure out the twists and turns of a murder.

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  1. “…maybe have a martini served in a frozen glass and a lemon twist added.”
    Okay, if you insist.

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