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Press and Grind Sept 28 2018

Press & Grind


Only one negative about Press & Grind but we will leave that for last!

The positives:

1) No television   2) Free parking garage with elevators letting you right outside of entrance to restaurant  3) A lot more than just a ‘juicery & coffee bar’ 4) wide selections of sweets, sandwiches, salads, Acai bowls, toast snacks 5) yes a wide variety of smoothies, ‘rx energy shots’, juices, expresso drinks, frapps, etc.  6) a really excellent crew  who work together 7) Joe, the manager/owner who has no problem interacting with customers and whether he believes it or not at least makes the customer feel ‘the customer is always right’. . (I had a 2-4-1 coupon and forgot to give it to the cashier. When I realized later what I had done Joe was at the register and took care of the whole situation, including the fact that we didn’t get the drinks we were suppose to, without and negativity!)

8) We both had the Chicken Club ($9.75 each) which was excellent. Allen had the Iced Tea ($3.45) and I had the house blend coffee ($2.25) Joe was even pleasant and not condescending when we discussed a ‘club’ sandwich having, or not, 3 slices of bread!

9) Though Press & Grind has a maximum capacity of 40 it is a good looking, cozy feeling, good spacing between tables bright restaurant.

Okay, time for the negative and that is just my personal feeling–Press & Grind Cafe isthisclose to being a full service restaurant with the staff delivering the food and beverage plus also cleaning the tables after you get up–no if only they would take the order at the table.

Okay, okay, that’s me, nit picking!

Go to Press & Grind and enjoy!

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One response to “Press & Grind Cafe Review Fort Lauderdale

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  1. A club sandwich has layers! 3 slices of bread or it’s not a club. period!
    Otherwise it sounds like you’ve found a good new place…

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