My Life September 2018 Part 1   1 comment

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Some things in my life are constant such as the beautiful, day or night, good or bad weather, of The Point overlooking Karen Bay at the east end of our Gateway community. Though we are situated in a busy part of Fort Lauderdale you would never know it because it is always quiet, serene there even with yachts, jet skis, canoes, paddleboard, kayaks, motorboats, etc., in the water and planes of all sizes overhead.
As I do every month I tried new foods, enjoyed eating out and, after a few years, bought a new robe to loaf around the apartment with.
Also, it looks like I was one of the lucky ones who got the U.S. Census form to fill out–anyone else?
One of the negatives living in an ‘old folks’ community is the arrival and sounds of ambulances coming and going at all times of the day and night. You learn, very quickly, if you haven’t seen anyone in a few days not to ask about them! I’ve taken a few trips with the Medics to both Broward General and Holy Cross hospitals and they are a great crew but it sort of makes me think when they recognize me!
I know life is going on and is good every time I look at my Geraniums and, like every month for the past 6-7 years, they are in bloom–this month it was the pink ones and I can already see the red ones getting ready to bloom in October.
Life is good folks!
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  1. Life IS good. Of course it’s only what you make it…. but you’ve had the right idea all along!
    And no, now I feel left out. No census for me.

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