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Watching a boring movie is even worse when you can hear only half the dialogue. Knowing the story of Lizzie Borden helps you follow the movie but then the screenwriter, Bryce Kass, has approached it from a different angle and you miss many of the undertones.

The production itself is mainly dark, which is understandable in a film like this and the director Craig William Macneill handles both the frontal nudity and the mother getting the ’40 wacks and her father 41’ discreetly up to a point. By the way, if the wacks are a spoiler you are too young to see this movie.

Chloe Sevigny, as Lizzie, is okay but she has yet to really impress me. Kristen Stewart, as the maid Bridget, adds another intriguing acting job in an independent film as she has done since playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga.

The cast including Jamey Sheridan as the father, Fiona Shaw as his wife, Kim Dickens as Lizzie’s sister Emma and Dennis O’Hare as an uncle all deliver the goods.

The most interesting part of “Lizzie” is the end credits when we learn what happened to Lizzie, Bridget and Emma leaving me to wonder how much of that information is true.

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One response to ““Lizzie”–a movie review

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  1. I’m not a Chloe fan either, but I really actively dislike Stewart. Can not understand the hype or attraction of that girl at all!

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