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The first 3 productions of “A Star Is Born” revolved around the female star while the 2018 production is more about the male star which, to a certain degree makes it a vanity project since Bradley Cooper stars, coproduced, was one of the three who wrote the screenplay, also wrote a couple of the songs and directed the film. His makeup suntan and/or sunburn distracts in many scenes as he is the only one with that look. The camera is on him in many major scenes, many with Lady Gaga, taking away from other performers.

Cooper has made many changes with the most erroneous being the classic last line of the three other productions while the most interesting changes are the addition of a brother and a somewhat sleazy acting manager who takes over the star on the rise and turns her into something she isn’t.

On the other hand Cooper gives a strong performance and gives Lady Gaga a sensational movie debut. In the opening scenes we watch as Cooper gets to meet Lady Gaga as she does a rousing, sexy version of “La Vie En Rose” though not as strong as the meeting in the second movie version when James Mason meets Judy Garland in an afterhour’s jazz bar singing “The Man That Got Away” that defines her character. A definite contrast in the latter with Lady Gaga’s scene taking place in a drag bar!

We meet Lady Gaga’s father played by a subdued Andrew Dice Clay, her best friend played by Anthony Ramos, Sam Elliot as Cooper’s older brother and David Chappelle as his friend of many years all giving substantial performances.

Director Cooper handles the love story between him and Lady Gaga with help from the natural chemistry between them. He, also, delves into the masks that entertainers put forth when they become famous losing the real selves that made them famous and how it affects them.

The three remakes all have music that defines the singers and the eras in which the movies take place. In this version Lady Gaga, Lukas Nelson and Bradley Cooper have written most of the original songs either together or coupled and even solo. Of the 17 songs there are 5 duets by Lady Gaga, 3 solos by Cooper and 8 by Lady Gaga. Though many of the songs are already on their ways to be being hits I left the theatre not remembering one except the last and that is because of Lady Gaga’s performance.

As a novice director Cooper’s version runs a bit long at 2 hours and 15 minutes but overall his debut of this Hollywood often told story is quite good.

Having seen all 4 versions of “A Star Is Born” in my opinion the 1954 version, starring Judy Garland, in the uncut version is the best while this 2018 version has nothing to be ashamed of in its approach.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this one. Cooper is okay, but I’ve always loved Gaga. Under all that crazy is one heck of a lot of talent.

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