Making my old apartment new   1 comment

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                                 (New blinds and hurricane windows)

There have been a lot of changes to the Gateway Terrace apartments, where I live, since Hurricane Irma hit and since a new company bought the property.

On the negative side is that fact that hundreds of trees, flowering bushes and fruit trees are gone along with many gardens that residents grew using their own money, spending a lot of time, energy and enjoyable hours maintaining them.

On the positive we finally got a new roof on our building—the only one blown off—after 10 months.

In the apartments we have gotten new cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom along with new hardware, water saving toilets, a ceiling fan, a new air conditioner that doesn’t seem to be working (at least in my apartment!), new hurricane windows, new blinds and, soon, new entrance/exit apartment doors.

The last thing that is supposed to be done are all the outside of the buildings to be repainted in new colors.

Before—I thought I had a video of the whole apartment but this is just the living/dining room area!




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  1. I’ll have to find this at home tonight…..

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