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On July 21, 2008, I had a porcine (yes, they put a pig’s in a Jewish boy! And I keep reminding him about it!LOL) aorta valve put in my heart. I was told that the lifespan of one was 8-10 years and though I am not a worrier I did want to know what the signs of it starting to fail were so I would be aware. That meant a trip to my cardiologist which I knew would lead to a second trip for an echo-cardiogram—I hate being right about such things! and I have another appointment for that on November 1.

The doc told me that some have been known to last 20 years and that the 8-10 figure was ‘average’. He added that even if something goes wrong they won’t have to open my chest again as there are many ways to fix it without that procedure.

Meanwhile, he was quite pleased with what he ‘heard’ when he listened to my heart. He, also, was happy with my blood pressure reading so all in all things look good.

Talking about being right–on October 29 I go to my vascular surgeon and I know he too will want me to come back for a cat scan of my legs. Why they won’t schedule the appointment before I see him so I won’t have to go back for a 3rd time for the results I don’t know except maybe he wants to buy a new Mercedes only he said next year he wants a Rolls Royce!!

I did enjoy the ‘notes’ in the cardiologist’s men’s room–one of the assistants mentioned more pictures are taken of those 2 signs than they take of hearts!


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