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From the sublime to the ridiculous–from lunch yesterday at the Bistro Mezzaluna  to lunch today at the new Shake Shack that opened this week.

I had a cheeseburger ($5.59), small French fries ($2.99) and on Michael Mayo’s suggestion a chocolate shake ($5.29) so plus tax came to $14.70

Having heard about Shake Shack for years and about people standing in line for hours to get one of their burgers I was looking forward to this opening and I wish I could say something more than the hamburger bun was good. There was nothing wrong with the burger except it wasn’t worth $5.59. I prefer a sharp cheddar cheese on my burgers but that wasn’t offered. The fries were really tasteless and the shake certainly nothing special.

The fast food restaurant, divided into an ordering section and some steps away the pick up section. The restaurant seating area is an l-shape room with televisions available no matter where you sit. In no way is it a ‘shake’.

The bottom line is if I am going to spend $15 for lunch I would rather go to a full service restaurant with a good size burger and my choice of cheese.


Posted October 19, 2018 by greatmartin in RESTAURANT REVIEWS, Uncategorized

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