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For the first 63 years of my life I averaged moving every 5 years. Between my being born until I left ‘home’ I lived in 3 different places and after the Marines  between 1956-1969 I lived in Hollywood, California, for a year, 4 different apartments in Miami Beach, 3, that I can remember, in Manhattan before moving to Memphis where I lived in 2 different places in 10 years of which 7 were at 5921 Park Avenue.

In 1979 I moved to Fort Lauderdale and until 1999 I changed living places 3 times and then 2 things happened. The bad was that I was financially in very bad shape in 1997 and, luckily, I had a few friends who were willing to help me out (and, yes, I paid them all back!) While I was going through that period my friend Perry told me about looking into getting on a HUD home listing. I put applications in 3 different locations and a week before I might be sleeping in my car I was called to come to Gateway, that my application had been approved. I was relieved primarily because of the 3 places I had applied to this was the one I wanted to move to and I did.

I moved into what was called a small one-bedroom apartment but, according to rules then, after I lived there for a year I could apply for a large one bedroom apartment which is what I did. Not expecting it to happen it took 5 years (!) for me to move into the apartment I am in now and have been in for 14 years.

Over the years I have had some bad things happen to me but more good than bad and moving here was more than a lifesaver, it gave me a life and helped me be a happy, more satisfied old man than you will ever meet.

There is no more peaceful place than The Point, especially late at night, sitting there in a big city not hearing any noise except, maybe, a plane passing overhead. The sky is filled with stars and a moon that is reflected on the water of Karen Bay. The Point is at the east end of the Gateway property and one can’t sit there without knowing they are lucky to be where they are.


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  1. If you’re happy in your home, you’re truly blessed. I feel the same way and have no plan to move if I don’t have to!

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