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First and foremost this is one of the best, juiciest cheeseburgers I have had in a long time, including it being cooked to the temperature I like!

The facts: Allen had the ‘Fu-Ghet-About-It’ burger ($14.95) and a Mint Chip White Chocolate shake ($8). He really liked the shake but found the burger a little hard to handle. I had the Under Construction Burger ($13.50) and a bowl of vanilla ice cream ($5). I had the burger medium rare with cheddar cheese, raw onion and tomato. It was thick on a good seeded bun and came with a side of thin fries which really didn’t thrill me. The $5 of ice cream was for 3 scoops and I have been charged about the same for a lesser amount in many other restaurants.

Gabriel, the server, did an excellent job except for 1 slight mistake. When we paid the check we did it with a credit card which he was able to take care right at the table but when handing the machine for me to sign he had added a 18% tip and didn’t say anything about it. I just happened to catch it when I saw the total and explained to him that I preferred leaving a cash tip—I was a waiter for 38 years and other waiters will understand why. He showed me where I could enter ‘no tip’ which I did and asked for a receipt. Our check with tax came to $43.94 and we left a $10 tip.

Though there are legitimate reasons for adding a tip to a check, and I still won’t/don’t like it, it should be a rule that the customer be told when the check is given.

Basically, the lunch check came to $26 each which is way too high for my budget and wouldn’t allow me to eat there very often but when I am ready for good burger, a treat, and having it the way I want to I will go to BRGRSTOP.

Another negative: the ever annoying televisions!

It was fairly empty being 3 PM with a couple at the bar and 2 other couples at tables but I have an idea it can be pretty noisy when even at half capacity. The place has an interesting but very ‘busy’ interior.

Bottom line? I loved that burger!

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  1. If you find a good burger, you are a lucky man indeed!

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