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I love new restaurants, foods, recipes, dishes, spices and I do my best to have at least new one every month in each category!

The easiest new things to have are found in grocery stores and in Fort Lauderdale we have many speciality stores from countries all over the world just as you wouldn’t be able to find a country that isn’t represented by a restaurant or a dozen or more restaurants providing dining experiences like Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, Brazilian, African, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Filipino, Indian, Far Eastern, Israel, German, French, Vietnam, etc., etc. 

We have practically every food franchise and variations of the same from 16 different burger places to enough Mexican restaurants to feed every Mexican!

There isn’t a spice in the world that you won’t find here or, for that matter any food you need to make a sauce, soup or main course. Desserts? Name one and I will take you to a place you can find it.

Above are just some of the new foods, spices, salsas, soups, one or two items that had no English on them with some like the cream of Asparagus soup that was all in Spanish or what I think is a spice with only what looks like Chinese characters on it.

By the way that black bean salsa is a winner!

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