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What are you mad at? Mad at the world? Mad at the politicians? Mad at the kids? Mad at the parents? Mad at your partner? Mad at the robo calls and scams? Mad at the dog for not listening to you? Mad at your employer? Mad at your employee? Mad at the customer who was rude to you? Mad at the salesman who was rude to you? Mad at the 5,000 reasons you have to be mad.

I have the answer on how to feel great! Enlarge this dartboard, print it out, hang it on a wall and go at it! I know YOU don’t curse but go ahead and curse each time you throw a dart at whoever, whatever is driving you mad! I promise you’ll feel better because it will just make you laugh and that’s the best way of getting rid of anger and waking up to a new day with a smile as you think how many times you ‘stabbed’ me.  Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone–it didn’t hurt me.


Posted November 1, 2018 by greatmartin in LIFE, LIFE EVENTS, Uncategorized

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