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Though the age minimum to live at Gateway is 62 once in a while someone younger gets in and we all go crazy. How could you not fall in love with a resident’s great-great-granddaughter??
Looking out my window I caught a peeping Tom!! Well, not really, just a guy from Comcast fixing some wires. Heck, I would question the sanity of anyone wanting to peep at Gateway residents!
Also and I don’t why they are replacing the old doors with hurricane glass doors. The old doors have kept us all safe through all kinds of weather including hurricanes so I hope these will too.
Long story behind my Peter Max jacket. I bought it 50 years ago when I weighed 159 and a half pounds for 3 minutes, not to mention I was only 32 years old. I’ve kept it all these years in hopes that I would weigh 159 and a half pounds–nah! I knew/know that wouldn’t happen but I just couldn’t give it away.
An old man here (hi John–I’ll see if he reads my posts!!) needed a jacket and as much as I hated to part with the ‘artwork’–I haven’t seen him wear it year but then he gets up early in the morning and is gone before I even think of waking up.
We do have another cold wave coming this week so maybe I’ll spot John lookingt smart in my jacket!

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