If I wasn’t crazy I am now!!   2 comments

Unbelievable! I keep on hearing how people are leaving cable because it is so expensive and doing streaming!! Well they would have to prove it to me. I have been googling everything I could think of, looked up the 15 best streaming services offered and what they do offer. Sure are there are free ones and there are ones for $12.95 BUT in order to get local stations you have to by an antenna and even then you don’t know what you will be getting.

I was interested in 16 stations in particular: Local ones ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS while I would like OWN, TBS, TNT, AMC, USA, SUNDANCE, FX, FREEFORM, TCM, HBO and SHOWTIME–I expected to pay extra for the latter 2 but in order to get the other stations I would have to buy 2-3 ‘packages’ 4 running anywhere from $20 to $50 plus I had/have to get more megabits and let’s not even go into the whole smart TVs and all the different kinds available!!!

I think I might go back to reading!!

Posted February 13, 2019 by greatmartin in Internet problems, Uncategorized

2 responses to “If I wasn’t crazy I am now!!

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  1. Remember when television was free?

  2. I’ll never jump on the streaming bandwagon because our broadband is just too slow. I do have access to Amazon Prime movies and series but it seems like every time I hunker down to watch… it will freeze and restart. Pause and refresh until I want to throw a shoe at it. We have Direct TV with HBO and Starz. Costs me a bloody fortune, but what doesn’t these days.

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