Yes, I’m pointing the finger at Chuck–AGAIN!   1 comment

Told you before about Chuck who got me started on this road of the Internet that lead to a technical hell and a never ending of google. The next craziness was a cell phone which I had to get to use the lyft, uber and moviepass apps only to have my phone stolen and someone using the lyft & uber apps to take $43 worth of rides.

Sooner or later it leads further down the road to hell and I stepped into it today! Last week I decided (well it was sort of decided for me–Chuck had nothing to do with that!) to ‘cut the cord/cable’ and I bought an antenna and then decided to get a “smart fire edition” and get into ‘streaming’!! I have googled and binged more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years!

In any case the TV came today and John came over to help me get it in working order and start seeing what I could see, what I couldn’t see, what kind of streaming package(s) I might have to get, etc.

All I know is I spent Saturday night watching the first season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”! And, oh yes, look at the pictures–I am now surrounded by monitors, TVs or whatever the technical term is.

What’s next Chuck??? LOL

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One response to “Yes, I’m pointing the finger at Chuck–AGAIN!

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  1. Nothing like a good series binge. I’ve heard that one is wonderful…

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