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I will not say “Climax” is the worst movie of the year because as much as I go to the movies I won’t see every movie but I can say right now in March that it is the worst movie of the year that I will see!
The movie opens with a girl, bloody, struggling through the snow and then we go to the end credits!  I think, maybe, the director/screenwriter felt people wouldn’t stay to the end. We then get to meet the very diverse, in every way, cast mostly young dancers who are wildly exuberant, possibly triple-jointed, twisting turning, popping, locking, doing moves you and I could never even imagine. I was set for a really amazing dance film.
Forty minutes later, for the second or third time, I told Allen I was ready to leave whenever he wanted. but he wanted to stay to see where it went. Where did it go? To crazy, bloody, violent scenes, many filmed upside down, a body set on fire and you never know what happens to her let alone be able to distinguish who is who. The film is 96 minutes and I suggest, if you don’t walk out at the 30-minute point, you drop some acid and, maybe, just maybe, you will get through the next 68 minutes of the movie.
I am not familiar with the previous films of Gaspar Noe but he is one of the very few directors I will avoid in the future.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this one. And now I’m glad…

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