I’m always searching for new foods!   1 comment

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Yes, I love my cheeseburgers rare, carrot cake, salami, nuts,all kinds of cheeses, etc., but I am always on the search for new foods and this month I had lemon-flavored raisins (forget it!) plus I found a jar of Selicioux de Porc NOIR de Bigorre with everything written in French except for one word on the list of ingredients unless that is the word in French which was ‘lard’! In any case when I got home I googled the item and it came up with a long definition.

Long story short: “…black pigs being saved by a handful of breeders. The black pig are well-cared for under severely controlled terms and conditions. They are bred 12 months in the open air and fed on acorns, chestnuts and grass, complimented by GMO-free cereals, peas and soy.”

Have you heard of any of this? Have you ever eaten this? Would you?

Posted March 17, 2019 by greatmartin in FOOD, Uncategorized

One response to “I’m always searching for new foods!

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  1. Black pigs and lard? I doubt that would make my top ten list…

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