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For years I have kept a plant pot on the window sill in my kitchen and anything I cut something that had seeds I would throw some of the seeds in the pot. I have, over the years, had some results from tomato, cucumber, pepper seeds. I say some because I usually get blossoms but not vegetables. In fact I have given plants to people who have gardens in hopes they would have better results.
Imagine my smiles when, the other morning, I saw a fully formed pepper on one of the plants! Naturally I had to cook it with my dinner last night–next one I’ll cut up and put in my salad–if there is a next one!!
Now regarding carrorts–we know they are healthy for you and are so walnuts and you need vitamin D and calcium from the cream cheese so all in all carrot cake supplies you with all the necessary nutrition—besides at that price–$2.99 how could I not buy all that health?!?!?

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