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Yes, I do have other favorites but this one usually, not all the time, involves the others! If I am not buying it, eating it, cooking it, talking about it or taking pictures about it I am reading about it!
Did you notice in the above picture the top upper right? Cactus in a jar! At first, I thought it might be French-style green beans but then I read the label. Have you ever had them?
I bought that Seafood Medley because 1) it interested me and 2) it was on sale for $7.99 and consists of mussels (from Canada), calamari (from India), shrimp (from India) and scallops(from China). It is packed in and distributed from California. Mmmm–when did they stop having these items in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast? I am thinking of making it in a Scampi sauce on pasta.
Also in the picture is one of my 5 top restaurants in Fort Lauderdale–Cabo Blanco is a Peruvian place with excellent food that I have been going to for a few years. I started off by trying their various lunch specials and really liked their Tallarin Saltado Con Camarones which is shrimp with noodles, tomatoes, onions in a soy sauce, oil, vinegar with ginger. It’s a huge dish with 10-12 medium-size shrimp that is really tasty and it is only $11.95 I usually have a 2-4-1 coupon which means it basically costs $6 plus tax and tip which is a hard price to beat! I now have it whenever I go there and that is when I go to the Regal theatre to see a movie on Friday.
Also in the picture, though it doesn’t look that big is a humongous net weight 2-pound 14-ounce jar of fire roasted red peppers that can be used every which way including as a snack.
Okay, time to have dinner as I watch the new non-musical version of “Les Miserables” on PBS.
I won’t say who but they know who is responsible for me having a weight gain this week because of this!
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