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I prefer to think I have lived so long that my brain is overflowing with information and there is no more room for anything rather than think I am just an old man who doesn’t remember. This is all a reason to explain if I am wrong about dates!
A couple of years ago—early 2017–the new owners started working on changing, improving and, using their words, make things ‘uniform’ at Gateway. After tearing out 99% of all the flowering trees, bushes along with resident’s gardens that many had worked on for years and we didn’t/don’t know if and/or what they would replace them with.  Banana plants, orange, lemon, Birds of Paradise plants 3 stories high along with dozens of palm trees, Queen Crepe Myrtle trees were gone but more about that another time.
There were a lot of great improvements inside the apartments such as the wide hurricane windows that replaced the old ones. In the kitchen and bathroom we got new cabinets along with sinks in both along with a new toilet–guess where?– and we also got vertical slot blinds in all the rooms. Among other things, we got a new electric fan/light in the bedroom and while we had air conditioners in the bedroom and larger room it wasn’t exactly an improvement because they took out the bedroom but didn’t replace it so we now had 1 air conditioner doing the work of 2 and not nearly being as effective.
It took them some time but eventually finished that and then went on to painting the buildings and having problems with a few companies, if not still having them! Our building was one of the last ones to be painted on the outside and looking around they are certainly uniform and, let’s see, oh drab would be the word. Next came painting our individual apartment doors of which I have 2. So far it has taken 10 days, 2-3 people working and they still haven’t finished on 2 doors.
Seems our owners have been picking many bad contractors but the work is getting done and now MY main concern is starting to take place–the landscaping! Mulch has been placed around all the buildings and remaining trees and I hope they don’t stop there. Right now Gateway smells like—what is the word to use in 2019?–oh, yes, poop!
Will keep you up to date on the ‘landscaping’–keep your fingers crossed for me and the other residents!

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4 responses to “It’s ‘almost’ done!

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  1. Fingers crossed they actually do some landscaping g and not just leave you with piles of poop.


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