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1)The first day of Spring has officially arrived at Gateway with the blooming of the first Queen Crepe Myrtle tree. (‘Lost’ a few with new owners and we were concerned we may lose them all but, so far, we haven’t!)
2) I was NOT included in Time’s list of ‘The Most Influential People’!
3) Nor was I included in People Magazine’s list of ‘The Most Beautiful’! Needless to say I am NOT renewing my subscription to either!
4) ABC in its documentary series “1969” has neglected to note that I went to visit Memphis, Tennessee, the  first time over the July 4th weekend that year OR
5) that I moved to Memphis, October 12, for the best decade of my life!
6) Had my quarterly physical last week and the doctor said that if he didn’t know better, from my bloodwork he would have thought that it was from a 65-year-old man
7) I told him how depressing that was considering I was going to only 21 next year!
8) Did I tell you that I got a complete refund for my sinemia subscription? Of course, I won’t believe it until I see the new bill with a credit on it!

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  1. Shameful oversight on the magazine’s part…

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