Maybe they will keep the mistake!   1 comment

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They have almost finished painting the outsides of the buildings. They haven’t put up the building letters nor the apartment numbers so the poor folks from UPS, Fedex, Prime video and others making deliveries can be standing in the driveways with a puzzled look on their faces but, hopefully, that will be rectified soon–the numbers, letters and puzzled looks!
The main thing is all the buildings look the same–drab! We have talked–foolishly as we know they won’t–about suggesting they add some color to the place, like painting a hibiscus flower on one building, a rainbow on another, blue sky on one, etc. Hey we may be old but we still have imaginations!
In any case when I came home yesterday I saw the blue stripe on building N (I think) catching my eye immediately and I thought wouldn’t it be great if each building had a different colored stripe?? Heck if they want us all uniform they can do just that by making each resident wear clothes the same color of their stripe!!
OKay, the latter is a little far fetched but the stripe is small and eye-catching and all I can do is tell the office to keep it!!

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One response to “Maybe they will keep the mistake!

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  1. I never understand the need for total uniformity when it comes to apartment buildings. Don’t they know variety is the spice of life?

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