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Every Saturday I spend an hour preparing complete dinners for Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights (or if I am going to the theatre then the Tuesday meal is for Wednesday!) Usually the main course is either made in the crockpot, microwave or is a frozen dinner. I usually put the meal on a bed of 10 ounces frozen ‘riced veggies’ made out of cauliflower and the evening I am going to eat it I will put salsa & chopped onions on top of everything–I do like QUANTITY!! :O)
In picture #1 A is turkey B (far left) is sausage and eggs C macaroni and D is a quarter of chicken. I usually mix up a bowl of mixed veggies, a can of corn, jar of mushrooms and each dish gets some of that plus for variety each dish gets a separate veggie whether it be spinach, California veggie mix, etc.  Hard to believe but each dish is about 600 calories!!
In picture 2 the main courses are on the bottom shelf (c)–the top shelf has 4 bowls of mixed frozen fruit–usually pineapple, berries and peaches–and 4 ounce containers of yogurt–1 strawberry and 1 vanilla which I will either eat separately or top the fruit with–while the middle shelf are 4 bowls of salad consisting of Romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes and I will put dressing on 2 of them and on the other 2 when I am ready to eat them.
I eat lunch out Thursday & Friday and in the evening I have a ‘treat’ and then it is Saturday again! :O)

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