BurgerFi–5th time is NOT a charm!   2 comments

This is the 4th BurgerFi location I have tried so they can’t say I’m not giving them a chance but this was the worse experience and I am just throwing up my hands and saying no more!!

It seemed like ‘fate’ was saying that I should give it one more chance. I go to this shopping center every Thursday for the Dollar Tree and Office Depot and we will usually have lunch at the Quarterdeck or NY Deli but I got a coupon for $5 to try their new ‘Beyond Burger’ and another one for a ‘free’ fries when ordering a drink and burger.

I have been wanting to try the Beyond Burger as I have heard a lot about it so that is what I ordered. I will say it looked like a rare burger which is the way I eat my burgers but that is the only good thing I can say about it! If you put ketchup on it you will get some taste–ketchup. Put onions on it and you will get the taste of onions and nothing else. Normally it is $9.47 (or so I think because trying to find out prices on their web page is a study in itself.) Basically I saved $4.12 with the coupon for the following combination: water, pea protein isolate (whatever that is) canola oil, potato starch, yeast extract, beet juice extract, sodium, etc. No way, no how does it belong in a burger place.

I won’t get into what that ‘free’ fries cost Allen except to say it was ridiculous.

Okay, I admit I don’t like the cold extra thick bun they put their burgers on but this location was one of the loudest I have ever been in starting with a manager that yelling seems to be is his normal tone! And the cook wasn’t much quieter. And I still don’t understand why a restaurant that ‘specializes’ in burgers doesn’t have sliced onions, only chopped.

After 5 trips to 4 different BurgerFi’s that’s it.

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2 responses to “BurgerFi–5th time is NOT a charm!

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  1. I’d say you’ve given them more than a fair chance…

  2. We have Burger Fusion here. I have yet to hear anything good about it. And they can’t beat Fish’s Bar a block from work. OMG….

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