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Maybe the third time is a charm? Hopefully C(uban) A(merican O(originals) will make it here after they get a few kinks straightened out. First, on a positive note, I had the Cuban sandwich which, after trying Cuban sandwiches for 40 years all over South Florida, was one of the best.

That’s it when it comes to positive things except for the bright decor, the outdoor covered seating and the cakes and desserts that will make the French bakery a few blocks south envious.

Okay, they have been open a couple of weeks so there is no excuse for not having a sign either inside saying “Order Here” or have one on the center door saying “enter next door” with an arrow pointing right. I would say at least 50% of the customers entered the wrong door and went to the cashier instead of the ordering counter.

I had the Cuban Sandwich which was served on a paper plate while Allen had the pork sandwich served on a regular plate. His plate was ‘decorated’ with an orange stripe all around the sandwich while my paper plate had a bland looking sandwich on it with 0 color.I asked a guy behind the counter about prices for the slices of cake as there was none in or on the counter or on the menu and his answer was that none were above $3. I think there would have been a few surprises at the register if anyone bought a pastry—or maybe not.
PS I wonder what happens to all the slices of various cakes that they aren’t selling. Though they are in refrigerated cases after 2-3 days they would be far from tasting ‘fresh’.

Posted July 13, 2019 by greatmartin in DINING REVIEW, FORT LAUDERDALE

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