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During a recent discussion with neighbors this was brought up:Am I just lucky??? Or smart?? I have AT&T for my IP and never have a problem. I also cut the cable and bought an indoor antenna, order netflix and prime video–3 months now and not a problem. I bought a fire stick TV on sale at Best Buy (49″ $229) not a problem. I’ve have binge watched Orange is the New Black, Dear White People, Special, watch the Sunday CBS slate, watch ABC (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, late news) Fox (Empire) etc., and not a problem. My TV ‘bill” is about $25 a month (Okay, granted I get senior citizen discounts) and if I prorate the new TV, indoor antenna, etc. I am spending about $35 a month over a year for TV and Internet and, so far, not a single problem–well except for some stupid mistakes I make! :O)A question from a neighbor:no you don’t sound lucky but smart. However, I do question your costs per month. To help us out add 1) the ISP cable fee, 2) the ISP internet fee, 3) Amazon Prime fee (prorated), 4) Netflix per mo, 5) any monthly fees to access “extra” channels (if you are)? My guess is your monthly fee at least double? TY!!
My response:
Okay—I pay $10 a month for IPS from AT&T–$6.06 for Amazon Prime video, $9.72 netflix (ad free) (If I split the ATT bill between Internet & TV that would be $5 each—divide the $229 I paid for the TV and the $30 for the indoor antenna over 12 months to pay for them and it comes to about $21 a month so I pay $41.78 a month and in 9 months I will deduct the $21 and it will come to $20.78 a month–if my math is right!! :O)
His last remark:Awesome! Smarty pants. LOL!
With all this I don’t know a mega bite from a cookie bite–I don’t know about fast or slow speeds–what’s my hurry?

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  1. I’m not even going to tell you what we pay for our Direct tv lineup with HBO and Starz. I have Amazon Prime so get the streaming free, but our internet speed is too slow to stream comfortably most of the time. You are a smarty pants!

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