I know YOU are a BIG tipper but…   1 comment

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Please read this first (in today’s Sun-Sentinel) https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/fl-bz-ways-that-restaurants-cheat-their-workers-20190816-aiooy2g7gnb3rmog2yjir6bemq-story.html

I was in the restaurant business for 38 years of my 50 working years, 30 of them in South Florida from 5 star restaurants to joints and I loved being a server turning down many manager offers or opening my own place.

This article makes it seems like this is a new part of restaurant business–it isn’t–going back to 1956 I can name names of where these practices took place and some not even mentioned like ‘paying’ servers to come in and clean the restaurant from top to bottom and being paid with a ‘meal’.

“If you don’t like the job, leave” is easier said than done.

Posted August 18, 2019 by greatmartin in RESTAURANTS

One response to “I know YOU are a BIG tipper but…

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  1. Another group of workers who are over worked, under paid and never appreciated.

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