“Angel Has Fallen”–movie review—and Regal Theatre and Sweet Tomatoes   1 comment

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Usually on Fridays we will go to The Classic Gateway Theatre as it is near me, has their first showings between 12:30 and 1 PM which is convenient as far as Allen having to come pick me up and getting out early enough for him to have an early dinner and me to have a late lunch. Plus The Gateway is just an old-fashioned comfortable, neighborhood theatre.I gave Allen a choice of 5 movies to see and he picked “Angel Has Fallen” playing at the AMC and Regal chain theatres and we went to the latter. Though it means a lot of driving for Allen–driving to my place takes about 30-45 minutes, the ride to the Regal another 30 minutes, taking me home another 30 plus another 45 for him to get home– he prefers the Regal so off we went. When we go there we either eat at Cabo Blanco or Sweet Tomatoes, the latter in the same shopping center and the latter about 10 minutes away.In 2003 Gerard Butler starred in “Timeline” and the next year “The Phantom of the Opera” and was on his way to being a top star. It seemed after the mixed reviews for Phantom something went wrong though he has made a good living overall making a total of 42 movies of which the last dozen have mainly been in the action genre which “Angel Has Fallen” definitely fits. All in all it probably has one of the highest body counts, countless violent scenes and surprise, surprise a few, very few, quiet scenes first with his wife and baby and then with his father, the latter played by Nick Nolte, who I have been a fan of since 1974 on television in “Rich Man, Poor Man”.
There is nothing different or special about “Angel Has Fallen” and it fits in with my see one action loads of special effects movie a year! You know what to expect when you walk in and you get just that so if that is your type of film go for it but, as usual, check logic at the door.The Regal Theatre is a big box of a building with about 14-15 screens and not really any kind of ‘personality’ to differentiate from any other chain of theatres. It has recently offered a deal of for $21 a month, paid a year in advance, for as many movies a day as you would want to see, no exceptions. If I lived closer and/or had a car I might take the offer because I love the movies, even the bad ones!I am a big fan of Sweet Tomatoes, enough that I had my 18th Leap Year birthday party there. I’m a sucker for their soups, all 8 of them, not to forget their soft ice cream, pastas, salads, breads, muffins, rolls—oh heck everything they serve! Though people may think otherwise it is NOT a place to go if you are on a diet though, like in any restaurant, you could stick to any diet you might be on.Okay, an action movie and a good late lunch–nothing to complain about here!

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  1. Another formulaic action adventure that are usually so damn loud in the theaters I cringe. Pass…

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