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Repaving driveway Sept 24 2019
3 years of making improvements and Gateway is almost finished. Aside from replacing the old–very old–wiring in the apartments and not sure if that is even on the horizon all the inside work has been done. All the buildings have been painted all that is left is the lettering of the building and apartment numbers. It would be great–and add some color to the blah look–if the letters were a bright color but I am not holding my breath!
The past two weeks have been spent redoing the driveway through Gateway and this coming week they are working on the parking lot across the street and the 3 that are in alcoves between buildings and that should be it.
Parking resident’s cars has been a problem since I moved in here as there have never been enough parking spots for all the apartments and now I believe there are 25 ‘reserved’ spots for people who know how to work the system and received ‘prescriptions’ from their doctors for their own private parking spaces besides there are 5-6 public handicap spaces
There are many abuses by residents regarding parking but this company really isn’t as stringent as the previous owner was.
This is really not a problem for me as I don’t have a car. Of course, with my 21st Leap Year birthday coming up I just might get a car (with a year of automobile insurance) and then it will be a problem! LOL

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