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11th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 1980 South Florida

I returned to South Florida in 1979 and got an apartment right off I-95 and Davie Boulevard. Two blocks west was the restaurant/bar called the Sandpiper. I quickly became friends with the bartender Bruce and some of the regular customers like ‘Teacher Mike’, ‘Movie Mike’, ‘Ice Skater Mike’ and Gino. The bar was unique in the sense that the whole top of a long u-shaped bar was the top of a fish tank! You try having a few scotch on the rocks on top of fish!

In any case I had my eleventh Leap Year birthday there and I still have the “Happy Birthday” round pin that I wore all night.

The three Mike’s have passed on but I have many pictures and memories of the 3 of them. Guess where I had my 12th Leap Year birthday party? Just keep reading!


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