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Queen and Slim
There are many unbelievable moments in “Queen & Slim” but the most shocking, head shaking and unbelievable are 5 that will make you gasp and wonder how these things can happen and be taken for granted today.
Giving spoilers are not my thing and after waiting a few weeks to see this movie I did come across a couple of things that almost ruined the movie for me and 3 involve violence. Those 3 things could have been read about in any newspaper or magazine and seen on every news telecast yet seeing them in this film will still effect you mentally if not physical.
An example of one of the unbelievable moments, which is funny, is when a man who never had a drink slugs down about 3 ounces of bourbon and neither coughs or makes a face! There is the one where one of the leads get shot in the thigh and forgets to limp though if you blink you will miss it.  Okay, none of this takes away from the screenplay by Lena Waithe or the direction by Melina Matsoukas, who bring to the movie things that haven’t been shown or dealt with  on film for all audiences.
Though you may have heard, and it is referred to in the script, this is like a “Bonnie and Clyde” it is nothing like it except for a couple on the run. The film starts off with a first date gone wrong with her a lawyer and him a Costco employee meeting through Tinder and escalates from there though one of the unbelievable moments, at the beginning, is that he drives her home because she didn’t come in her own car.
There are a lot of fine actors in this movie starting with newcomer Jodie Turner-Smith as Queenie and Daniel Kaluuya as Slim. As mismatched as they may be and showing no chemistry that changes as the movie progresses. As it becomes a road movie we meet Bokeem Woodbine, Chloe Sevigny, Indya Moore, Flea, Sturgill Simpson, Melanie Halfkenny, Benito Martinez among others, most who add various insights into the beings of both Queen and Slim.
I can tell you some of the things that happen but as a movie goer
you would be better off experiencing them with fresh eyes and ears.
Though first time director Halfkenny adds some unnecessary scenes, such as one with a horse and another in a gas station her biggest mistake which takes away from what should have been the last scene by adding 3-4 more, each fading to black, so don’t leave until the end credits start.
“Queen & Slim” is a very interesting movie and though many things may be ‘old news’ to Blacks both they and Whites should see it and maybe, just maybe, the unbelievable won’t be so believable.

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  1. This doesn’t interest me in the least.

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