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19th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 2012 Part 2

Aside from seeing Donna McKechnie’s one woman show and her Master Class I also saw the touring company of “Billy Elliot” and loved it plus Kathleen Turner in “High” which was at the Parker Playhouse, my favorite theatre in Florida.


I was already doing research for my 20th Birthday in 2016 (good excuse as any) and ate at the following restaurants the last 2 weeks of February: 52 Seasons, Morton’s, Cafe Vico, Gramaroff’s, Quarterdeck, Portia’s, Basilicia Vietnamese, Mason Jar, Key Lime restaurant, Canyon, Udder Treats, Bravo, Texas de Brazil, Yo Mama’s, Hot Pot of which 6 have closed since!


The restaurant I chose was Cafe Vico which turned out to be a winner and I have been there many times since.


I might also add that not only did I have slices of carrot cake at most of the places but Maria sent me “The best carrot cake of all” from a company called that so, of course, I had to eat it.


A sad note–I found out later that my partner of 8 years in Weight Watchers, Bernie Abraham, had died the last week of February and was buried on February 29th.


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