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Shuck n dive Dec 19 2019 collage
Sixteen years, when it opened, I dropped by to give them a try as I love seafood, Cajun food and the combination. I left thinking to myself that it was the first week so they didn’t have they act together.
Today coming out of Winn-Dixie it was a choice between Christina Wan’s or Shuck N Dive so I suggested let’s give them a try as I could always go for Jambalaya and, to my surprise it was a special for that day. I hadn’t seen it on the regular menu. When we gave our order we were asked if we wanted a cup or bowl which puzzled me because I have never been asked that, not even in New Orleans.  We didn’t ask the prices of either and just, automatically, said the bowl.
Sorry but I have never tasted such a bad Jambalaya. I had a picture in my mind of a Marine Corps kitchen and a ‘chef’ with a long ladle digging to the bottom of the huge pot and dishing it out like slop. It was so dry the rice was in clumps and the temperature was so tepid it couldn’t have been worse except for the ‘meats’ in it.
I don’t know if the ‘server’ was a manager, a owner and/or a server but he was running all over the place and we didn’t see what I think was a server until we got our check and who we had to tell we were charged for a tea we never had or ordered.
I don’t remember the main dining room being so small but it was crowded as was the outside eating (won’t say dining) area.
The ‘bowl’ of Jambalaya was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be  priced at $8.50 but wish it cost more and tasted better.
Next time if I want Jambalaya I will go to The Quarterdeck where it is excellent!

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  1. I love Jambalaya but rarely find a good one…

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