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20th Leap Year Birthday February 29, 2016 Part 3

Leap Year 4 2016 collage

Bob and Betty from Michigan came bringing Nancy with them (and Bob bringing his camera taking more pictures than I did, which was great!)

I got a surprise gift from Charlotte (and Charlie) who gave me 2 front row seats for “Kinky Boots” on March 1 and since Allen and I saw it in December in Miami he gave me his ticket so I was able to take Mary, Pat and Glenn.

With Phillipe, Glenn, Mary and Pat we ate at the Sage, the Quarterdeck and The Deck at the Sea Coast Hotel overlooking the ocean but the birthday dinner at Cafe Vico was the best.

Another surprise was receiving a box of brownies from Zest of Memphis sent by Chuck and Terry even though they had given me a new computer chair and shopping cart as gifts in December.

Can’t mention my 20th Leap Year birthday without mentioning another memory though it happened a couple of weeks later. I lost half of the 4th (Mmm–4–Leap Year–if I was into signs maybe that was one) finger on my right hand in a freak accident. In a way every time I look at my hand, I remember one of the best Leap Years I ever had and now I hope my 21st is better without any accidents!


The next time I will have a dinner party will be February 29, 2036 when I turn 25!

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